Buildologie - Educational Robotics Summer Camp 2017


Buildologie - Educational Robotics Summer Camp 2017

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Definitions of buildologie - STEM Educational Robotics
Mathobotix STEM Integrated Educational Robotics buildologie camps. Offered in Mathobotix Irvine and Los Alamitos Labs. Age: 7yrs to 18yrs. No Prior Experience Required. Camps repeatable with advanced level projects. All-day and Half-day options (Note: Half-day option not available). The hands-on experimental and exploratory study of basic robotic structure built using a choice of Lego Mindstorms/VEX/Open Source components, divided into many specialized fields that cover their cyber-phyical interactive system, sub systems including Power, Touch, Light, Color, Rotational, and Ultrosonic sensors, control using a basic micro-controller, and basic application programming using a choice of user-friendly programming software. Elementary, Junior High, and High School  students work grade/skill appropriate 3-member team and work on their robotic projects.
"An A level student at Mathobotix Labs, Nikita is attending the buildologie educati onal robotics camp to explore engineering and hands-on science."
Camp Objectives: Students will have fun while learning basic static structures used in robotics by applying the fundamentals of math and science concepts. Upon successful completion of this camp, students will be able to apply the basic engineering prinicples to build strong and stable structures, program their robot, describe the basics of robotic sub-systems, and demonstrate their projects in a show & tell during the last hour of the camp.
Description: Learn while having fun! Explore engineering and science! Young Engineers and Young Scientists solve problems and develop solutions as used in real-world applications of day-to-day life and workplace. Project based curriculum. Subjects covered: Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Presentation and Team Collaboration Skills. Learning activities include: hands-on inventory lab, team work exercises, goal setting, design, build, program, test, play and re-analyze using Mathobotix Robotic System Development Life Cycle™ process. Each week features a different project with a different STEM theme.   Note: Returning Students do new/higher level projects.

Weekly Camps (Mon - Fri)  From June 12 to August 25 || All-Day: 9AM - 4PM ||
Please Note: No half-day camps NOT available in Irvine and Los Alamitos locations.

Robotic Learning Platform Available:  Lego/VEX/Open Source Learning platforms
Robotic Programming Languages:  LabView/RobotC
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