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Business Solutions

It’s a rare thing, but every so often a technological innovation comes along that fundamentally changes the way we live, travel, or work — reorganizing or creating entirely new possibilities and processes. The printing press. The Internet. Industrial robots. With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) almost every one of us is connected to at least one of them. They are called the cyberphysical systems. While traditional software companies are trying to figure this out we are the 21st century company with the space and the next generation of problem solvers to create, design, deploy, support and maintain your software systems and apps.

Intern to Employee

Partner with us to find the finest interns to work on your real world software projects while Bytes & Bots is managing the projects and the interns. Upon successful delivery of your project, you have the option to hire them full time. Be part of the Industry-Academia, Professionals, Majors and Minors ecosystem while supporting your CSR.

App/Web Development

Need an app quickly done. We offer services that can help you get your app up and running. Let us know how we can help build your app while you are focusing on your core business.
Skill Validation

Skills Badging

Life long learning in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other vocational and workplace skills development these days need validation as you need to prove your hard earned skills to your future employer or your credential to your next educational institution? We have a skills badge program that gets you validated using our advanced block chain technology. Like the scouts merit badging system our platform is able to validate your skills and give you a virtual badge that would be acceptable in the industry-academia eco system.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Solutions

Need help getting your prototype ready, Want to prove your innovative idea or your engineering and tech skills to your potential client or the world?


Our FAB Lab allows you to work on your prototype or passion project freely and at your own pace. With an affordable monthly membership, you can use additive/subtractive advanced manufacturing technologies to make your prototype come to life.
STEM Workshops for K-12

Education Professional Development

Are you a school or a K-12 educational place. Feel that your staff are not STEM ready? We can help them get trained on basic STEM Skills so they can be ready to inspire your students to follow STEM educational and career pathways.
STEM Lab Mentor

Certification Program

Have a lab but need help keeping it alive? Need high quality mentors who can keep your maker or STEM Lab alive? We can train and certify your staff to be the best mentors. Optionally, you can subscribe to our STEM Mentor Network and license our vast fab and maker project content.
Lab Design

Innovation/Maker Space

Have space and don't know where to start. We can help you decide where and what equipment would be the most suitable for a STEM Lab. A highly organized lab design does not necessarily help creative juices flowing. Controlled chaos in a self adjusting and auto-configuring lab is our model. Connect with us.

Have Questions?

Looking for interns to work on your projects or have an app built based on your specification? It is a simple well tested model. We will work with you to transform your business and help you accomplish your development goals. Let us know if you need a mobile app, or a desktop software solution. Schedule a call or a meeting to discuss your needs.
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