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Robotics with
LEGO© Mindstorms© and EV3©  

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Build LEGO animals or machines with motors and sensors. Use e-z icon-based software and on-screen interaction to make models move. Apply vertical and horizontal movements and control your bots real time using keyboard and mouse. Learn science, mathematics, social and language skills. Explore different themes: Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Soccer, and Adventure Stories.

Ages: Students 6 - 18
Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Program: Monday - Friday

Hardware + Software: LEGO© Mindstorms© and EV3© , Lab View

Camp FAQ

Can I sign up for more than one session? 

Yes, It is project based. Kids do different projects each session/week. Projects are customizable based on age/experience/grade levels.

What is the format of the camp? 

Kids work in teams. Each team typically has three campers. There are supervised snack-n-stretch breaks, usually outside. There is a Friday afternoon show-and-tell event hosted for parents and guests. Teamwork and soft-skills are encouraged as they work on their camp projects.

What is the student to mentor ratio? 

3 teams per mentor.

If my kid signs up for more than one week/session will they be doing the same thing in their second week. 

No, there are different projects each week. Each project has different game and design objectives.

If my kid is not enrolled until a later session will they be behind? 

No. The different weekly summer camp projects are designed to accommodate both experienced and beginner level students. They work in teams. Teams are made of kids with similar skill levels and ages.

When is the last day to register? 

Sessions fill up quickly. Don't delay. Register now to reserve your space.

Do the kids get to take anything home with them that they've designed/built? 

Unfortunately, No. Due to cost! Each Robot Kit (hardware/software) and the components may cost around $800. The Friday afternoon Show & Tell and the Team Competitions provide an opportunity for parents and families to see the projects. They are allowed to take pictures with prior approval.

We do not have any prior experience - nor have we played with one - is that a concern? 

No prior experience necessary. Campers use Bytes and Bots component library for their projects. The labs provide all necessary hardware and software.

We've been to a Lego - Engineering camp before offered by a different organization and were disappointed in what the kids actually learned. Do you have a list of learning objectives I can preview? 

Bytes and Bots summer camp is based on our regular after-school integrated STEM curriculum. Our camp gives a quick sampling experience of our project-based STEM curriculum framework, methods and materials. Parents and researchers can learn more by attending one of our monthly open houses or by meeting with our program director. Please request an appointment here.

Do you offer all-day camp? 

Yes. the all-day camp is from 9am to 4pm

What is the all-day camp schedule 

9am to 12pm Project (Snack & Stretch break in the middle); 12pm to 1pm Lunch; 1pm to 4pm: Project continued (Snack & Stretch break in the middle).

Do you offer extended hours? 

Yes, we do. You can drop off your child at 8am and pick him/her up at 6pm. The fee is $ 10 per hour.

Do you have half-day camp? 

Please check the Camp Page for availability.

Do you have sibling discount? 

Not available for camps.

If I sign up for the entire summer, do I get any additional discount? 

Yes, there is a 5% discount. Available only at Bytes & Bots Irvine and Los Alamitos Lab camps.

Do you have a referral program? 

Yes, there is a $20 credit that can be applied towards a future camp/after-school course enrollment at the Bytes & Bots Labs in Irvine and Los Alamitos.

 Do you provide lunch and snack? 

No. Parents send lunch, snacks, and drinks as necessary.

Is there a late fee if I pick up my child late?

Yes, it is $1 per minute.

Are 14 yr olds in the same "classroom" as 6 yr olds?

The camp is run in a lab environment. Our STEM mentors help the campers with their projects and missions in the lab.

Do campers build robots in the camps? 

Yes, they work in teams, design, build, program a robot and compete each week. Each week's camp uses a different project/theme. We use LEGO®MINDSTORM® EV3® platform for K - 8.

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