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In the mean time, get familiar with these Engineering terms:

Engineering The process of creating solutions to human problems through creativity and the application of math and science knowledge.
Machine A man-made device, usually driven by a motor or engine, with a system of interrelated parts that work together to perform a task.
Simple Machine Anything that has few parts and makes it easier to do a task.
Complex Machine A combination of two or more simple machines.
Lever A stiff bar that rotates around a fixed point and makes it easier to lift a load or apply a force.
Pulley A wheel with grooved edges for ropes that is used to change the direction of a pull and make it easier to lift a load.
Wheel A disk or circular frame that revolves on an axle.
Axle A pin, pole, or bar on or with which a wheel revolves.
Wheel-and-Axle Two differently sized wheels attached to the same
axis that are used to make circular motion easier.
Screw Inclined planes wrapped around a cylinder that are used to raise and lower objects and hold objects together.
Wedge Two inclined planes joined back to back to form a sharp edge
that are used to change the direction of a force and often result in the splitting of objects.
Inclined Plane A surface slanted upwards that lowers the effort needed
to lift a load.
Gear A wheel with teeth around the edge that is used to turn other gears and change the direction, speed, and force of circular motion.
See you soon!
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