Arcadia Lab

Innovative STEM Lab Programs

Design, Build and Program

Come to our Lab, and have fun learning to use 3D printers

Project-Based Learning

Explore our courses and prepare to become an engineer or software developer!

Arcadia Lab

Innovative STEM Lab Programs Offered In Arcadia

Explore computer program to
learn how to build cool robots
with LEGO© Mindstorms© and EV3©

Explore computer program and to learn
how to code with C++, HTML, Java & Python

Apply coding and engineering skills
to make almost anything you can imagine!

Our Location

Hugo Reid Primary School,1153 De Anza Pl, Arcadia, CA 91006


Bytes & Bots STEM Club

Join the Bytes & Bots STEM Club and explore open source hardware and software technologies, learn to code, build smart devices and develop applications and games. Academic enrichment through our buildologie, codologie, and gamologie programs. 100 minutes of deep learning and fun, one whole year! 

Why Bytes & Bots STEM Club?

Do you want to explore hands-on STEM projects and apps and have fun? Do you want to build a strong academic foundation for your future? Join our Bytes & Bots STEM Club! Annual Memberships are available for subscription! This exclusive membership opens doors to the world of hands-on learning in a state-of-the-art STEM Lab environment. As a member-student you can attend any of our published after-school classes and labs or request a custom STEM project assignment that is appropriate for your grade and skill level. So come join our community of future engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. To learn more visit one of our labs.

Bytes & Bots STEM CLUB Benefits

  • Develop a STEM ePortfolio for College and Career preparation.
  • Explore and participate in any of our after-school classes. For example, you can move from Buildologie to Codologie or Gamologie after every 10-week period for the entire year. Subject to experience and standard pre-requisites.
  • Participate in any available STEM competitions with mentoring for competition projects.
  • Save up to 40% savings on program fees.
  • Avail 10 % discount for Summer Camps offered at our labs.
Trial Classes

100 Minute Class Session

Bytes & Bots offer trial classes to help evaluate if our year round after-school classes are suitable to your children. The trial classes help them navigate and explore their potential for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. At the end of the trial class, Bytes & Bots can recommend you the best benefical educational path for your children and place them in the appropriate learning platform such as Buildologie (Educational Robotics), Codologie (Applied Computer Science and Computer Engineering), and Gamologie (Game Development).

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