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Business Solutions

Looking for interns to work on your projects or have an app built based on your specification?

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I2E (Intern to Employee)

Partner with us to find the finest interns to work on your real world software projects while Bytes & Bots is managing the projects and the interns. Upon successful delivery of your project, you have the option to hire them full time. Be part of the Industry-Academia, Professionals, Majors and Minors ecosystem while supporting your CSR.

Software & App Development

Need an app quickly done. We offer services that can help you get your app up and running. Let us know how we can help build your app while you are focusing on your core business.

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Skills Badging

Life long learning in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and other vocational and workplace skills development these days need validation as you need to prove your hard earned skills to your future employer or your credential to your next educational institution? We have a skills badge program that gets you validated using our advanced block chain technology. Like the scouts merit badging system our platform is able to validate your skills and give you a virtual badge that would be acceptable in the industry-academia eco system.

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