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STEM Educational Advising and Portfolio Development

Get project advising for your portfolio development.
The lab is opened based on appointments only.
Contact us to check availability

Monthly Lab Access

$200 per month

Each session is 2 hours long. You are free to come in anytime and day of the week. We will be open through many of the holiday days. Please let us know ahead of time what days and times you would like to come in so we can schedule the mentors accordingly. Please try to limit the class to 2 hours per day because of the limited space.  

You now have unlimited access to the lab 7 days of the week during the following schedule.

Lab Schedule

Starting January 2022

Monday - Friday
Session 104:00pm - 06:00 pm
Session 2
06:00pm - 08:00pm
Saturday & Sunday
Session 109:00 am - 11:00 am
Session 2
11:00 am - 01:00 pm
Session 301:00 pm - 03:00 pm


First Time. How does this work?

We have several classes for students at different levels and interests. The popular beginner/intermediate classes we have are Buildologie and Fabologie. Our program is project based. This means every student works on their own project at their pace. Students usually work on a project for 3 – 4 classes and present their project to their peers and parents at the end of the class.

The Buildologie Class is for beginner students without any experience in programming. This class is usually recommended for students in 1st – 4th grade that have little to no experience in programming or robotics. The class focuses on building a project using Lego bricks with sensors and electronics and program the project with block based program provided by Lego.

The Fabologie Class is for students that start from 3rd grade. This is recommended if the student has had prior experience in programming or show interest in programming or electronics. The students work on a microcontroller called Raspberry Pi and program in a language called Python. The current available classes are Buildologie (Lego Robotics), Fabologie (Raspberry Pi/Arduino) are available every day and all time.

To sign up, just let us know what days and times you would like to sign up and we can get you started. All classes are in person.

We highly suggest doing a trial class before signing up. The process of singing up for a trial class is the same, you must call us.

Covid19 Precautions 

We sanitize the keyboard, mice and stations before and after each lab session ends. Our mentors and staff are vaccinated. Anyone in the facility is required to use face mask unless they have vaccinated. Please bring extras in case the student breaks theirs. We have a hand sanitation station. If the student does not feel well, please let us know and we can arrange the student's schedule. Our student Maximum limit per session is 4.

Lab Schedule

We have 2 sessions available Monday - Friday and 3 sessions on Saturday and Sunday. You can pick and choose your preferred day and time for the session. It would be preferred if you choose the same day and time of the week for mentoring scheduling purposes. That means if you jump one day to another, you might get a different mentor working with your student. If you need scheduling help, contact us. 

Class Availability 

Buildologie (Lego Robotics), Fabologie (Raspberry Pi/Arduino) are available every day and weeks of the summer. Other classes Codologie(Java/C++/WebDev), Gamologie(Unity2D/3D, Unity VR) and Appologie(iOS/Android Dev) availability depends a lot on the amount of students we get signed up for the day/week. Ask ahead and see if the other classes are available. 


We know times are rough but we will not issue refunds

Missed Classes

Because of our new monthly access you can make up the classes anytime before the month ends. 

Food and Drinks

We only have tap water. Please have the students bring their own water if they get thirsty. We do not provide food.

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