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Maker Lab: Project Based STEM

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Buildologie is our introductory educational robotics program to get you excited to explore and learn engineering and coding.

Buildologie has 4 different levels.

TotBot, our early education program, introduces kindergarten students to robotics in a simple kid-friendly format and interface.

Build LEGO animals or machines with motors and sensors. Use e-z icon-based software and on-screen interaction to make models move. Apply vertical and horizontal movements and control your bots real time using keyboard and mouse. Learn science, mathematics, social and language skills. Explore different themes: Amazing Mechanisms, Wild Animals, Soccer, and Adventure Stories.

Buildologie l, II, and III use lego mindstorms, and EV3 with an optional integration of Open Source Hardware and software . You have to be 6 years or older and want to have fun building robots, this will help you...

Learn to build cool robots.
Discover and apply science, technology, engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
Practice communication skills. Have fun!


Fabologie integrates all of our programs together and makes our students makers and innovators.
In Fabologie students can apply their coding and engineering skills to make almost anything they can imagine. Fabologie projects range from a simple LED Christmas Tree or a Motion Sensor to a fully functional complex Home Automation system.
Fabologie has three different levels:
In Fabologie I, students are introduced to basic hardware such as LEDs, breadboards, servo motors, and ultrasonic sensors. Students control this hardware using a Raspberry Pi and Python coding.
Fabologie II is a little bit of a step up from Fabologie I; students use Arduino and code in C to control more advanced hardware such as temperature sensors and LCD screens.
Lastly, Fabologie III is for students who are comfortable with the concepts in Fabologie I and II; students can build and code smart devices applying Internet of Things or IoT technologies. Additionally, advanced students can choose their own project and work on it for the length of the class. Engineering Design and Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing labs are included based on the student project. Additional materials cost may apply depending on the project.


Codologie introduces you to different programming languages and  software development skills.

Codologie has three levels:

In level one you will learn the basic coding and computing skills using JavaScript, along with web technologies such as HTML and CSS, and you will be able to build your own website.

In the next level we introduce you to Python programming. You will learn how to use a code library and build a graphic user interface, while doing some really cool projects like text adventures, space shooting games, or some simple animations! You can definitely show off your projects to your friends!

In level three, we offer you two choices: Java and C++.
Both languages are widely used in the real world, so either of them will benefit you a great deal. In this class, we will go deeper in the realm of Computer Science, and by the end of the class, you will master all the important concepts of programming, and you will be ready for college! 

Thank You!


Gamologie helps students explore and learn game design and development while having fun!

Gamologie consists of four different levels.

In Gamologie I students learn to make 2D games using the game engine, Scratch. Scratch is a simple, yet powerful game engine that utilizes drag-and-drop programming. Perfect for younger students.

Gamologie II and III introduces them to real world 2-D and 3-D game development tools and technologies. They use the Unity Game Engine and programming languages like C-Sharp.

Gamologie IV is our advanced class that allows students to develop their own game ideas and work on a single project for the entire length of the class.


Appologie - Design-Create-Share series of camps, lets students explore "mini-App project" based hands-on labs.

Appologie will teach you everything you will need to become an app developer!

There are three levels:

In level one you will learn the very basics of mobile applications using the App Inventor. It is a simple to use, yet powerful tool for younger developers like you!

In the next level we move on to a more advanced app development. We will use the tools provided by Android and Apple, to build real world applications, and publish them to Google Play or App Store. So be prepared to brainstorm the ideas!

Next, after you are more confident with mobile app development, we will start making web apps! Here you will experience how a real web developer works. You will learn how to manage a large project, or even work in groups!

Technologies and App Development Platform: MIT AppInventor, Android OS & SDK, Web Services, Swift & iOS..

Trial Session

100 Minute Session

Bytes & Bots offer trial session to help evaluate if our year round sessions are suitable to your children. The session will help them navigate and explore their potential for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. At the end of the trial period, Bytes & Bots can recommend you the best beneficial educational path for your children and place them in the appropriate learning platform such as Buildologie (Educational Robotics), Codologie (Applied Computer Science and Computer Engineering), and Gamologie (Game Development).

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