Bytes and Bots Fabologie Spring Camps

Bytes and Bots Fabologie Spring Camps

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Weekly Spring Camps 2018 March 19th to April 6th

Fabologie - Imagine-Design-Fab series of camps, lets students explore "mini-Fab project" based hands-on labs.

Fabologie integrates all of our programs together and makes our students makers and innovators. 
In Fabologie students can apply their coding and engineering skills to make almost anything they can imagine. Fabologie projects range from a simple LED Christmas Tree or a Motion Sensor to a fully functional complex Home Automation system. 
Fabologie has three different levels: 
In Fabologie I, students are introduced to basic hardware such as LEDs, breadboards, servo motors, and ultrasonic sensors. Students control this hardware using a Raspberry Pi and Python coding. 
Fabologie II is a little bit of a step up from Fabologie I; students use Arduino and code in C to control more advanced hardware such as temperature sensors and LCD screens. 
Lastly, Fabologie III is for students who are comfortable with the concepts in Fabologie I and II; students can build and code smart devices applying Internet of Things or IoT technologies. Additionally, advanced students can choose their own project and work on it for the length of the class utilizing additive and subtractive assemblies with digital implementation of logic and automation controls with Arduino, Raspberry PI, etc.

    Spring Camp 2018 Schedule:

    • Camp I: March 19 - 24 || Mon - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM
    • Camp II: March 26 - 31 || Mon - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM
    • Camp II: April 2 - 6 || Mon - Fri. All-Day: 9AM - 4PM
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