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Robotics Birthday Party!

Celebrate with STEM Fun

Are you searching for an engaging and educational birthday celebration that promises fun and enrichment for your child? Look no further! Bytes and Bots presents an exciting STEM birthday party experience designed for children aged 6 and above. Led by experienced mentors, our meticulously crafted parties seamlessly blend learning with excitement as kids participate in hands-on activities and friendly competitions.

Each team receives a comprehensive robotic kit, empowering them to construct a competitive robot for one of our three exhilarating events: Sumo Battle, Bot Soccer, or Battle Bots. Throughout the three-hour celebration, children are grouped into age-appropriate teams, fostering camaraderie and offering ample opportunities to delve into coding and robotics in an interactive and enjoyable manner. Our mentors emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for all participants.

As the party draws to a close, each team presents their creations, competing for victory and earning certificates of achievement. A STEM birthday party at Bytes and Bots not only introduces children and their friends to the dynamic world of STEM education but also ensures an unforgettable celebration of their special day.

Soccer Bot:

Kick Off Fun with Robotic Soccer!

Recommended for older students aged 10 years and above. Participants pair up to build remote-controlled robots and engage in soccer matches against opponents. The objective is to score as many points as possible within the time limit. Teams can advance through competition brackets to reach the final round.

Sumo Battles:

Wrestle Your Way to Victory!

Suitable for students of all ages. Participants work on building a base robot and enhancing it with contraptions. The rules are straightforward: the robot must remain inside the circle, with no parts falling off, and has 5 seconds to recover if it falls over. Competition brackets allow teams to advance to the final round.

Battle Bots:

Let Your Creativity Clash!

This activity encourages creativity. Participants build robots from scratch and compete in rounds where robots attack each other. The rule is simple: if a robot stops moving for 5 seconds, it is eliminated. The last robot standing is declared the winner.

More Info:

  • Payment: 50% required before the event; remainder due at the end.
  • Venue flexibility based on party size.
  • Parents welcome to observe but cannot participate.
  • Setup available one hour before the party.
  • Chairs and tables provided for students.
  • Bookings required at least 2 weeks in advance.


6 - 18


3 Hours

30 per Student


Holidays (weekdays): 11:00am - 5pm

Saturday-Sunday : 11:00am - 6:00pm


Min 5 students
Max 40 students

1... 2... 3.... LEGO!

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