Bytes and Bots provides a diverse array of STEM programs designed to engage and educate students. Our programs include:

Hands-on exploration of robot building and programming.


Understanding and working with electronic components.


Introduction to coding languages and software development.

Game Design

Creating and designing interactive games using Unity Game Engine. Students explore 2D, 3D and VR.

App Development

Learning the essentials of developing mobile applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Exploring the fascinating world of A.I. technology. Student learn how to properly train A.I. with data

3D Printing

Unlocking the creativity of students through the "How to Almost Make Anything" approach.

Web Development

Delving into both Front End and Back End aspects of creating websites

Cyber Security

Teaching the basics of web security, empowering students with essential knowledge in protecting online systems.

How to enroll?

We highly recommend starting with a trial class – a 2-hour session providing a firsthand experience of our regular lab sessions. Scheduled at your convenience, the trial mimics the atmosphere of our standard classes. A $50 fee applies, which, if you choose to enroll, seamlessly transitions toward your enrollment cost.

Following the trial, our teacher will debrief you on your child’s performance. Take this opportunity to discuss the experience with your child at home. We understand the commitment involved, so this step allows families to make an informed decision.

How does the monthly work?

Bytes and Bots operates on a monthly enrollment model. Payment is due at the beginning of the month, and you can choose to continue, pause, or adjust the schedule based on your child’s evolving needs. Payments are not automatic, offering you the flexibility to decide each month. 

The monthly model works like a gym membership so sessions can be scheduled any day of the week during our operating hours. We recommend 2-hour sessions to strike a balance between engagement and avoiding overload. Whether adjusting due to homework or exploring other programs, our flexible structure allows seamless modifications. 

How do sessions work?

Rest assured, a teacher is present during every lab session. Your child can ask questions or delve into the next lesson, ensuring a supportive and guided learning environment. We prioritize your understanding of what you’re investing in, ensuring both you and your child enjoy the learning journey.

All our classes embrace project-based learning, allowing your child the flexibility to attend any day and continue their own project at their unique pace. This approach nurtures creativity and fosters a sense of ownership in their learning experience. At Bytes and Bots, our curriculum is a canvas for creativity, and our students are the artists.

Lab Hours

Closed On Major Holidays

Is there a curriculum?

At Bytes and Bots, we believe in empowering students through a dynamic and flexible curriculum. Our curriculum serves as a guiding framework rather than a rigid set of rules.

Project-Based Learning with Choice

Our curriculum is project-based, designed to instill practical skills through hands-on projects. Rather than dictating a strict path, we provide choices within each skill area. For example, in the robotics block, students encounter the button sensor requirement. With six projects featuring the button sensor, students have the freedom to choose a project aligning with their interests, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.

Student Ownership of Projects

We strongly believe that students should be the architects of their learning journey. Beyond the structured curriculum, students are encouraged to choose or even propose their projects. This ownership not only enhances creativity but also cultivates a sense of responsibility for their work.

While we champion student autonomy, our teachers play a crucial role in guiding students through project planning. This involves thoughtful consideration of required parts, time management, and even budgeting. Our aim is to nurture both creativity and practical project management skills.

Fun as a Core Principle

Fun is at the heart of our curriculum. We believe that learning is most effective when it’s enjoyable. By incorporating choice, ownership, and project-based learning, we ensure that students not only gain valuable skills but also have a blast doing it.

Common Questions

You will get access to the lab any day of the week at any session, as long as it’s not full. Let us know at least 1 day in advance for any schedule changes.

We do not allow any rollover classes. If you missed a class you must make it up within the month. Make up classes cannot be carried over to another month. No exceptions. Lab sessions are available only for the month purchased. 

Each payment is due the first of the week. We accept almost all forms of payments.

We have several classes for students at different levels and interests. The popular beginner classes we have are Robotics and Electronics. We highly suggest doing a trial class before signing up. 

Our programs is project based. This means every student works on their own project at their pace. Students usually work on a project for 3 – 4 classes and present their project to their peers and parents at the end of the class.