Other Programs

FLL Competition

Yearly Events

Bytes and Bots actively participates in and supports FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competitions. These events provide students with opportunities to showcase their robotics and problem-solving skills. Bytes and Bots contributes by coaching teams, hosting competitions, and fostering a spirit of innovation among young minds.

Boy and Girl Scouts

Contact for availability

Bytes and Bots provides engaging and educational badge events for Boy and Girl Scouts. These events are designed to align with the Scouts’ learning targets, offering hands-on activities that contribute to earning badges. From robotics to electronics, scouts delve into STEM topics in a fun and interactive way.

Public Schools

currently TUSD and AESD

Bytes and Bots extends its impact through after-school programs, offering a variety of courses in robotics, electronics, programming, and more. These programs aim to enrich students’ STEM education, providing hands-on experiences and fostering a passion for technology beyond the regular school curriculum. Contact us if you would like our program at your during or after school program.

Birthday Parties

Saturdays or sundays

Bytes and Bots makes birthdays memorable by offering unique, tech-themed parties. Children get to explore the world of robotics, electronics, or other exciting STEM activities, creating a fun and educational celebration. It’s a perfect way to combine entertainment with learning on a special day.

Charter Schools

Currently Sky Mountain and Epic

We collaborate with charter schools, offering custom classes that align with educational goals. Bytes and Bots can be approved vendor for charter school funds, providing flexibility for students to access our programs. Schools interested in partnering with us can reach out to discuss tailored offerings. Parents can also reach out and ask us to become a vendor at their charter school.

Road Shows

Big Events

Bytes and Bots takes its programs on the road, participating in events like the Irvine Jr Games, Irvine Global Village Festival, Orange County Book Fair, Beckman Arts and Science Family Festival, and Garden Grove Summer Resource Fair. These roadshows bring our interactive and educational activities to diverse audiences, contributing to the community’s exposure to STEM education.

Interested in our services?

Whether it’s through charter school collaborations, community roadshows, or customized classes, Bytes and Bots remains committed to making STEM education accessible and engaging for students of all ages. Schools or event organizers interested in our participation are encouraged to reach out for further discussions.