3D Printing and Design

Bringing your design to life.

3D Design

In the 3D Printing class at Bytes and Bots, students dive into the fascinating world of 3D design and printing. The emphasis is on hands-on learning, starting with the basics of design. Students use accessible software like TinkerCad, OnShape, or Blender to create their 3D models.

TinkerCad provides a user-friendly introduction to design, making it suitable for beginners. OnShape offers a more advanced platform, introducing students to professional-grade design tools. Blender, known for its versatility, adds a layer of complexity, allowing students to explore intricate design aspects.

By focusing on the design phase, students learn the principles of creating 3D models. This includes understanding spatial dimensions, manipulating shapes, and translating their creative ideas into digital designs. The class ensures a solid foundation in 3D design, setting students up for success in bringing their creations to life through 3D printing.

3D Printing

In the 3D Printing class at Bytes and Bots, students not only delve into 3D design but also gain hands-on experience with various Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers, such as CoreXY, Cartesian, and Delta. The practical aspects of printing are covered extensively, from uploading files to the SD card or directly to the machine to managing filament changes, cleaning the printer, and checking bed alignment.

Additionally, students learn the nuances of slicing their projects using slicer software. This includes understanding infill and exploring different infill patterns. Overhangs, a crucial consideration in 3D printing, are thoroughly discussed. Students are taught how to identify potential overhang issues and address them using support structures. The course also covers post-processing techniques, ensuring students gain an understanding of the 3D printing process from design to the final printed product.

Common Questions.

Students that are interested on how 3D printing works or that wants to create their own 3D printed product. This class is also suited for students that bought a 3D printer or thinking of buying one but have no idea how to use it.

Each 3D printed part that the student wants to take home will be charged based on the size and time the printer took to make it. You are welcome to bring your own filament to the class to use for the project.

If you have a 3D printer at home, all that was learned in the class directly translates to your printer.